Jodi Le Bigre is a Canadian-born artist currently based in the northeast of Scotland. Her most commonly used mediums are oil on wood panel and copperplate etching, though she also produces pencil drawings, linocuts, and watercolours.

Her work explores the most delicate moments of our daily lives through the disparate metaphors of medieval imagery and the familiar but distant worlds of folk narrative. In its myriad details and textures, Jodi’s work subtly reflects the diverse influences present in her life from having lived in Canada, Japan, France and Scotland. Eschewing abstraction, she embraces the power of figurative and narrative symbolism.

Jodi learned the bulk of her printing technique at the Atelier de Belleville in Paris, but is mostly self-taught in the medium of oil painting. She also has a keen interest in the field of illustration and has taken on commissions in the past.

Juried exhibits in which she has taken part include:

Lessedra Miniprint Exhibition                     2012       Sofia, Bulgaria
Lessedra Miniprint Exhibition                     2011       Sofia, Bulgaria
Presstige Print Exhibition                            2011       Aberdeen, Scotland
Aberdeen Artists Exhibition                         2011       Aberdeen, Scotland
78√®me Salon d'Art                                        2010       √Čtampes, France
La Nuit de l'Estampe Contemporaine         2010       Paris, France

Some of Jodi’s prints are currently on exhibit in Aberdeen at the Claremont Gallery and at the Rosemount Gallery.

For commissions, sales, or other inquiries, Jodi can be contacted at jodilebigre (at) gmail (dot) com.